Foreign Degree Evaluation for H1B Visa, Immigration

Degree Evaluation for H1B Visa

Foreign degree evaluation reports required by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) for almost all visas require that the applicant holds an equivalent to at least a US bachelor's degree. For immigration purposes and H1B Visa, a document evaluation or an education and work experience evaluation is generally required.

Document Evaluation Report

  • Gives an equivalent for each diploma, certificate, or transcript (grade report, examination record, marks sheet) submitted for evaluation
  • Presents dates of attendance and institution location
  • Describes profile of the institution and programs (entrance criteria, status of the institution, typical and length of study)
  • Recommends the U.S. equivalent of each level of study and credential earned
  • One of the most common credential evaluations for h1b visa applicants

Click here to view Diplomas and Certificates from foreign countries that can be evaluated as the equivalent of a bachelor's degree in the United States.

Education and Work Experience Report

This report provides a Document report for the years of education and verified work experience. Education and work experience or work only evaluations follow the Immigration rules to use work experience to add to incomplete university work, or replace university work, or add to a bachelors degree to result in a higher degree.

Recommended for purposes when a combination of education, professional training, and work experience is needed to establish degree equivalency. May be utilized to establish bachelor's and master's equivalence.

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