Foreign Diploma Evaluation for Employment

Diploma Evaluation

For employment purposes, a document evaluation or an education and work experience evaluation is generally preferred. Document evaluations determine the applicant's level of education, duration of the course completed and the specialization of the applicant.

Document Evaluation Report

  • States the US equivalence for each credential (degree, diploma, certificate or transcript of record) submitted for evaluation
  • Gives the years of attendance and location of the institution
  • Provides a brief description of the program which includes the admission requirements and normative duration of study
  • Provides a short profile of the institution and its accreditation status

Education and Work Experience Report

This report provides a Document report for the years of education and verified work experience. Education and work experience or work only evaluations follow the Immigration rules to use work experience to add to incomplete university work, or replace university work, or add to a bachelors degree to result in a higher degree. Package includes an Expert Opinion Letter by a full professor of an accredited college or university who has authority to grant college credit for training and/or experience on the letterhead of the college or university.

Recommended for Immigration and employment purposes when you can combine education, and work experience to establish a bachelor's or master's equivalence.

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