Foreign Transcript Evaluation Services

Foreign Credential Evaluation for Education

We provide a 3 day service for educational equivalency reports of foreign transcripts of persons educated around the world in terms of courses, semester credit hours and grades at accredited institutions in the United States.

A foreign transcript evaluation report provides the following information:

  • An equivalent for each diploma, degree, or transcript.
  • Dates of attendance and institution location.
  • Profile of the institution and programs (admission requirements, status of the institution, length of study program).
  • Recommends the U.S. equivalent of each credential.
  • List of courses/ subjects studied.
  • Converts instruction hours (lectures, laboratory, independent supervised course projects) into semester units of credit for all post-secondary level courses
  • Converts grades into equivalent U.S. grades A, B, C, D, F for each course evaluated. For example a score of over 70% in the United Kingdom, or over 60% in India, or over 80% in Japan would convert to an 'A' in the United States.
  • Calculates an overall grade point average (GPA) on a 4.0 scale.

Used for:

College or University or High School admission, Employment, Immigration.

How to Order a Transcript Evaluation

  1. Please click here for the online application. You can upload your scanned documents (diplomas, transcripts, mark sheets, certificates, etc.) at this stage or you can email or fax them after completing the next 2 steps.

  2. After you submit the application you will be taken to the payment page where you will select the course-by-course evaluation report you wish to order by clicking on the corresponding 'Pay' button.

  3. You will now make payment. Credit Card payment is 100% secure - Authenticated by VeriSign Inc. You have the option of selecting payment by Paypal, Check, Money Order, Wire Transfer, Local Bank Transfer, Phone, Fax etc.

What documents are required?

Documents of each program to be evaluated indicating the courses, grades and hours/credits for each course. Also the certificate (diploma/degree or any other) awarded by the Institution on completion of the program.

Documents in foreign language?

Please fax/email the documents or click here for a translation quote or send certified English translations with the foreign documents.

How soon will I get my report?

Regular service takes 3 days from the time the application, documents and payment are received. We offer "12 to 24 hours Rush Service" for an additional fee of $200.00. This is the time required for processing and evaluating your credentials and sending you an electronic copy for approval. We will mail it to you on the next working day.

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    "Their transcript evaluations are undoubted assets for any individual, who for whatever the reason, requires foreign credential evaluations performed by an internationally recognized institution. I would recommend them without reservation..."